Thursday, May 2, 2013

TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair

I love to experiment with my hair.Trying out different hair styles not only gives you different look but also make you look feel good. I often try making different kinds of braids but buns are always a problem. I tried many a times but felt that it is not that easy.

I came to know about the Tresemme India  youtube channel and watched their DIY videos.It was simply amazing and a easy tutorial for those who love to try different hairstyles.I watched almost all and tried two three different good looking yet simple Hair styles. Out of all the one that I liked the most is messy up do.

Messy up do is a very simple to make but elegant looking Hairstyle with minimum of Hair Accessories which are easily available. All you need is just a rubber band ,comb, Hair pins.
This Hair style is apt for those who have wavy hair  

I also tried  TRESemme climate control Shampoo and conditioner for frizz-prone hair. My hair were really smooth and shiny.

This post is my entry for "TRESemm√© Ramp Ready Hair" Contest.  

I have Ramp ready hair.What about you?

Try out Different elegant looking yet simple Hair Styles from  Tresemme India  youtube channel  and Share your Views:) 

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