Sunday, August 2, 2015

What’s Hip this Summer?

You want a new taste, a new color, a new variety and some new smiles everyday. Variety is the spice of the life. With the daily hustle bustle of life, when we are not able to give proper time to everything, the foodie in you definitely needs something new. What’s hip this summer, to get the foodie out in you and pamper him/her wherever you are, however you feel with food that tell you a new story everytime.

Here’s talking about a recent experience with my favorite cuisine Chinese. So, I happened to come back home after a hectic day that had many events. So, I was tired and hell and hungry. Yes, there was not too much of my preference at the event and I thought it was a great idea to come back home and dine at my ease. So, I got to Foodpanda and started searching of a new Chinese joint nearby to try. While I was still not settled n the cuisine, I saw “The Kitchen” on my Foodpanda mobile app. While I had seen the place everyday while passing through the marked, I had never really tried it. I believe, Today was the day!

I ordered my regular staple Chinese main course, Veg Manchurian, Veg Hakka Noodles, Veg Spring Roles, Chilly Potatoes and more. While it was just 3 of us sisters, I thought to have a bit of everything to try the new place. One reason more that I ordered from here was that it was just 5 minutes from my place and I knew that the delivery will be superfast.

As expected the delivery was fast and I got the food super hot. It was Indian style Chinese, spicy hot. We liked it as it was boring day and it added some spice to it. I am quite good to the concept as it makes things faster and hassle free. Next time, try mobile ordering yourself.
Much Love 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin more prone to acne black heads then it really require a daily skin care regime. Certain tips would really be useful in making your facial skin look healthy and fresh.

1.Cleansing: Wash the face twice a day - morning and before going to bed.A number of good options are available in the market from medicated soaps to oil free face washes or gel-based cleansers.

2.Toning: If you use a toner, use only mild toner and preferably a natural toner.Rose water can also be a good option to be used as a toner.

3.Moisturising: Never skip using a moisturizer. One can opt for a gel based and a oil free moisturizer. The skin needs proper hydration and moisturizing.

4.Exfoliation:Exfoliate once a week to help remove dirt and clean pores.It not only removes dead cells and excess oil but also gives a fresh look to the face.Always use a mild scrub and not a harsh one.

5.Apply the Apt Sunscreen: Always wear a sunscreen twenty minutes before you step out for work.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Online Recharge Website-

I guess almost all of us now shop online.These days everything be it clothes,shoes,accessories is just a click away. I love shopping online.It saves my time,energy and it is one of the convenient way to shop.  There is a new addition to the list of my favorite online shopping sites and that is mobikwik. Mobikwik is India's number 1 online website for Airtel,Vodafone,Idea,Tata indicom,Reliance,BSNL,Aircel,Loop,Virgin mobile and Tata Docomo. The luring part is mobikwik doesnot charge you over any recharges done. The best plans and discount deals can be easily browsed. Mobikwik is now my best friend for all my recharges and bill payments. I am saving and spending simultaneously.

                                    Think easy mobile recharge, Think Mobikwik

The experience of using is awesome. The usage is simple and easy. All you need to create is a mobikwik wallet and then recharges and bill payments are just a click away. Everything in the website is explained in a very easy way. There are cash backs and discounts. It is the most convenient way of getting the recharge done and paying your bills. The best feature that I came across is once your mobikwik wallet has sufficient money, then you don’t have to enter your card details. Thus, it is safe and secure. 

The recharges can be done via:
  • ·         SMS
  • ·         Phone
  • ·         Mobile apps

Exclusive discounts using Mobikwik wallet are on following:
  • ·         E
  • ·         Bookmyshow
  • ·         Dominos Pizza

What I loved about Mobikwik

  • Easy browsing.
  • Crazy deals and discounts.
  • Association with almost all major companies for recharges and bill payments.
  • Quick and hassle free.
  • One stop shop for all your needs of bill payments, recharges, booking movie tickets and so on.... is associated with a number of companies and offers you great deals and discounts.

Have you ever shopped from Do share with us your opinion?