Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Straight Hair Experiment

 I had been longing for an off from my office, finally I got an off this Thursday.So I decided to pamper myself. I decided to straighten my hair and as I don't have a hair straightener at home . And thought for a crazy experiment with an iron . I washed my hair and conditioned them.I laid down my Head on the  iron board and tried to straighten my  hair with the iron.My hair are not that wavy and bouncy but it need to be straight from the tips.Straightening the hair actually changed my look. I just loved my new look.Though initially I was doubtful that I might end up burning my scalp but thankfully nothing happened.

If you are trying this out you have to be careful enough otherwise you will end up burning you hair and scalp also. And if you are using an iron then keep a check on temperature of iron ,it should not be too hot.This whacky experiment did work for me. But its risky.

This post is my entry for Sunsilk Straight hair experiment.

# I have used google images


  1. Good one...Though it is a common. I have observed my younger sister doing it several times to straighten her hair and it oftens turns out to be a good experiment Neha.Best of luck for the Sun Silk contest dear

  2. Nice blog post :-) very interesting :-)