Thursday, December 25, 2014

Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin more prone to acne black heads then it really require a daily skin care regime. Certain tips would really be useful in making your facial skin look healthy and fresh.

1.Cleansing: Wash the face twice a day - morning and before going to bed.A number of good options are available in the market from medicated soaps to oil free face washes or gel-based cleansers.

2.Toning: If you use a toner, use only mild toner and preferably a natural toner.Rose water can also be a good option to be used as a toner.

3.Moisturising: Never skip using a moisturizer. One can opt for a gel based and a oil free moisturizer. The skin needs proper hydration and moisturizing.

4.Exfoliation:Exfoliate once a week to help remove dirt and clean pores.It not only removes dead cells and excess oil but also gives a fresh look to the face.Always use a mild scrub and not a harsh one.

5.Apply the Apt Sunscreen: Always wear a sunscreen twenty minutes before you step out for work.

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