Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Road Trip

For me road trip is synonym to both fun and adventures on the road. Whether you're traveling with family or friends a road trip brings to you the beauty of nature. My idea behind the road trip is to explore the natural world around us.  

I will plan a road trip with my family. I trip to Mussoorie. Me and my family plan to go in Tavera. I will make all necessary arrangements to ensure a comfortable trip. Packings and last minute checkings are also a part of the trip which have a unique part until you leave for the trip.I also bought a ambipur car perfume to make the atmosphere pleasing. 


I would love to stop at each small junction and capture the beauty of nature.We would surely take three to four stoppages. Merrut,Dehradun will be our main stoppages.There are small picnic spots on the route that speaks out on their own. The road side dhabas and the lip smacking food is another thing I love about a road trip.

I am a foodie and for Munching I would definitely fill up my bags with chips,nachos,drinks and other packed snacks.

To add more fun to our journey we will play games like dumb charades,playing cards and sing songs. I will also carry music CD’s of my favorite songs.
Road trips are best where one can sharpen knowledge and visit places and know minute things. I would for this surely mark the map with the places I would like to visit and explore.

This is my post for the contest by Ambipur   

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